DICE details Battlefield 4 beta fixes

October 17, 2013 | 09:01

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DICE has pledged to solve performance issues with the Windows beta of its upcoming Battlefield 4 first-person shooter, promising that beta feedback will directly lead to a better game at launch.

The latest in the company's military shooter series, Battlefield 4 has been running in beta ahead of its planned launch on the 29th of October. Even at this late date, however, the company is making fixes - and promises that feedback from the beta has led to improvements in performance and stability, particularly on multi-core processor systems.

'CPU usage could sometimes skyrocket for dual, quad and six-core processors,' DICE's Vincent Vukovic admitted in a post to the official blog last night. 'We identified some of the reasons and released three patches with fixes that went live during the beta, to address the problems. This was a true beta, and as such all the crash reports that were generated during this period will actually help us make a better game.

'PC players may have experienced trouble in the beta getting the game running at a good frame rate,' Vukovic added. 'Rest assured that we’re using the information we received to optimize the performance for the launch of the game.'

Other fixes promised for release following feedback on the beta include a reduction in - though not, sadly, a complete removal of - freezes on the loading screen, empty server listings on the console version, the fixing of an amusing bug which turns lifts into catapults, key-binding changes, additional controller layout options for console gamers, and various balancing changes to weapons and vehicles.

'We want to take this opportunity to thank everyone that has played the Battlefield 4 beta,' wrote Vukovic. 'Your feedback has been crucial in testing the underlying infrastructure and reporting both bugs and balancing issues to ensure a smooth launch on October 29.'
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