Demigod beta starts next week

Written by Joe Martin

February 13, 2009 | 11:00

Tags: #demigod

Companies: #gas-powered-games #stardock

Fervent anti-DRM PC publisher Stardock has announced that Demigod is about to enter a third stage of beta testing soon, one which will focus on the large-scale aspects of this persistent online RTS.

This is the third stage of beta testing that Demigod has had, as developer Gas Powered Games is eager to ensure that the game delivers on all fronts.

The new beta will start on February 19th and run indefinitely - though if you want to stand a chance of being chosen as a tester then you'd better hurry as sign-ups will end on February 26th.

There's currently no release date pinned down for Demigod, but we do know that it'll launch as a PC exclusive and that it'll definitely be one of the best-looking strategy games we've ever seen - but would you expect anything less of the team that created Supreme Commander?

We also know that Gas Powered Games has got some rather ambitious plans for the game too and is hoping that Demigod will be a genre-defining title for the PC for a long, long time.

If you want to get a closer look at the game, or even pre-order it right now (which ensures a beta slot) then you should head over to the official Demigod website. If you've got any questions or thoughts to share on the game then you can let us know about them in the forums.
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