Rumoured Crytek-Amazon deal could save the company

April 7, 2015 | 11:49

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Gaming giant Crytek may have found a way to keep the wolves away from the door for a little while longer, thanks to a rumoured multi-million dollar deal with Amazon.

Crytek, best known for its in-house CryEngine game engine and the Crysis series of games, has been having a rough few years. Its Xbox One launch title Ryse did not get a sequel, and rumours have spread that the company is facing bankruptcy. Despite high-level departures from the company, Crytek has claimed that its future is secure - sadly, shortly before it was forced to close its Nottingham studio. The latest rumour surrounding the company, however, is positive for a change.

According to unnamed sources speaking to gaming site Kotaku, everything-seller Amazon has signed a deal valued upwards of $50 million to licence the CryEngine game engine from Crytek. What the sources haven't stated is why, although Amazon's presence in the home entertainment market with products like the Kindle Fire tablet and Fire TV set-top box make a convincing case that the company could find a use for such a technology.

The rumour follows claims from Crytek co-founder Faruk Yerli last month that the company had signed a 'huge' licensing deal that it had been negotiating for 'a long time.' Yerli did not, however, tell Develop which company had licensed what technology during the interview - but that it would put the troubled company back on-track.

Neither Crytek nor Amazon have responded to the sources' claims regarding the deal.
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