Company of Heroes 2 pulled from shelves in Russia

Written by David Hing

August 6, 2013 | 07:25

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A distributor has hit the brakes on stocking second world war real time strategy title Company of Heroes 2 in Russia.

Distributor 1C-SoftKlab, received complaints about the depiction of the soviet army in the game and stopped selling the title at the end of July in response. The game's publisher, Sega, is currently investigating the situation and has declared that it is taking the issue seriously.

Company of Heroes 2 has made headlines before due to showing the Russian army in a highly negative light. There is even an online petition that sits around the 17,000 mark to demand the game be removed from Steam.

'Sega and Relic are aware of the press stories circulating concerning Company of Heroes 2 and the historical context of the game from a Russian perspective,' A Sega spokesperson told Videogamer. 'At this time we cannot offer any further comment, however we are taking this issue very seriously and are investigating these concerns thoroughly with all relevant partners.'

Sega inherited this headache through THQ's bankruptcy auction at the beginning of the year where the veteran publisher bought the rights to Company of Heroes and the studio behind the game, Relic Entertainment.

Last month, Sega also initiated proceedings against the now defunct THQ to attempt to collect $941,000 in Steam pre-order money for Company of Heroes 2 that had been paid to THQ, most of which was paid after the company filed for bankruptcy protection.
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