Codemasters offers refunds for Colin McRae Rally

Written by David Hing

August 6, 2014 | 11:09

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Codemasters is offering refunds for anyone who bought the recent Steam release of Colin McRae Rally without realising that it was a port of last year’s mobile title of the same name.

Many fans expected the game, which appeared on Steam last week for £4.99, to be an HD reworking of the classic 1998 Playstation and PC racing title and were disappointed to discover that it was instead an HD version of the iOS release of Colin McRae Rally 2.0 which came out in 2013.

Refunds for anyone who bought the game on Steam thinking it was a remake of the original are available until August 19. Codemasters are collaborating with Valve on the matter and the refund should be easy to claim through the Steam account transactions page.

’At Codemasters, we care about our customers and pride ourselves on listening to our community,’ said a Codemasters spokesperson on the Steam forums. ’We understand that some people who bought Colin McRae Rally on Steam are upset and feel that it isn’t the game they thought it would be.’

The publisher has also updated the product description on Steam to make it clear exactly which version of the game this is to avoid any further confusion.

World Rally Championship driver Colin McRae did work with Codemasters as a consultant on the racing game series and his name appeared on all the games in the series up until Dirt 3, which was released in 2011. Colin McRae passed away in 2007.
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