Capcom announces Street Fighter V CFN open beta

March 24, 2017 | 11:37

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Capcom has announced that it is launching an open beta for Street Fighter V's Capcom Fighters Network (CFN) online mode, in order to test improvements it claims to have made to the service.

The latest entry in the long-running versus beat-'em-up franchise, Street Fighter V has not enjoyed a smooth launch. Between a beta test so bug-ridden and unsatisfying the company formally apologised to an update which bundled a backdoor which disabled Windows security features and gave Capcom - or anyone masquerading as same - complete administrative privileges, fans' patience has been stretched to its limit - and that's even before discussing the poor online gameplay experience offered by the company's Capcom Fighters Network (CFN).

It's this that the company is looking to address in an upcoming update, and one which is to be the focus of an open beta on PC between March 28th and April 3rd. 'Since this beta is to test our new online infrastructure, it will only feature Online Modes. The beta is entirely separate from the base PC client but players’ current CFN username, rank, standing and other details will carry over to the beta client,' explained Capcom's Harrison Young in the company's announcement. 'For new players, they will be able to download the PC client for free and set up a new CFN profile to play for the duration of the test. All data recorded during the beta is for testing purposes only and once the beta has concluded, all replays, Fight Money earned, progress and player data will be deleted. To encourage players to participate in the beta test, all released characters, including Kolin will be unlocked for play.'

Improvements promised during the beta include fixes for the 'rage-quit' penalty system, better loading times for ranked and casual matches, fixed country flags in the 'Battle Lounge,' the ability to save settings in the training mode, faster matchmaking, more detailed statistics on the Fighter Profile screen, improved friend management, and an interactive timeline display on the home screen.

The beta will be accessible exclusively through Valve's Steam digital distribution service, Capcom has confirmed, with more details available from the official announcement.
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