Blizzard keen on micro-transactions for WoW

Written by Joe Martin

November 9, 2009 | 11:31

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Blizzard may well be looking to introduce micro-transactions to World of Warcraft at some point in the future it seems, with Blizzard boss Michael Morhaime commenting to VG247 that it sees a lot of scope in the idea.

The comments follow the appearance of a new pet store in World of Warcraft that players can use to buy two new pets - a Pandaren Monk and a Lil' K.T. - a baby Lich. The pets cost £9 GBP each ($10 USD) and if you buy one before Christmas then your money goes to the Make A Wish foundation.

"We... expect digital sales to increase in the future, and plan to take advantage of it," Morhaime said when questioned further about the prospect of microtransactions in WoW.

Morhaime was clear that any such service would be entirely optional though and that they wouldn't heavily impact on the game experience.

"All value added services are not required, as they are optional only nor will they adversely impact the experience should customers decide not to participate or purchase them," he said.

Blizzard didn't comment on whether the micro--transaction system might replace on-going subscriptions or be added in on top of it.

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