Bioware confirms Dragon Age delay

Written by Joe Martin

August 10, 2009 | 11:16

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Bioware has released a statement confirming rumours that emerged last week claiming that upcoming multi-platform RPG epic Dragon Age: Origins had fallen behind schedule.

The statement amends the release date for the game on all platforms, pushing the release back from October 20th. The official statement comes just a day after Bioware had refuted the delay as a rumour. Hmm.

Speaking to IGN a BioWare spokesperson said that the game game will now ship on November 3rd in the US and November 6th in Europe for the Xbox 360 and PC version.

The PlayStation 3 version of Dragon Age: Origins meanwhile has been more heavily affected by the delays and will ship at a later, unspecified date in November.

While Bioware hasn't released a statement about why the game has been delayed exactly, we reckon it's going to be something to do with tuning the control system for the console versions of the game - which only began late in Dragon Age's development. We took a look at the game on the Xbox 360 not long ago and we weren't exactly bowled over by the radial menu system, though the PC version is mercifully good-looking. Check out our Dragon Age: Origins Xbox 360 preview for more info.

Dragon Age: Origins itself is Bioware's second big release of this year, with Mass Effect 2 also aiming for a pre-Christmas release this year. Let us know which one you're most excited about in the forums.
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