Bethesda: 'PC development is a headache'

Written by Joe Martin

November 10, 2011 | 10:53

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Bethesda spokesman Pete Hines has described PC development as a 'headache' thanks to the technical problems brought up by driver and hardware configurations.

'From a technical standpoint, the PC is a headache,' Hines admitted to Joystiq.

'It just is - a million different possibilities of hardware, drivers, etc...As you saw with Rage, all it takes is some bad video card drivers and years of hard work comes off as 'buggy', when in fact it's a really solid, stable game.'

Hines also touched on the issue of piracy, which he described as a problem: 'Unless you decide not to make your games available for PC, it's a problem, and you have to deal with it.'

Bethesda's own response to the threat of piracy has been to hand extra resources to PC gamers in the form of a mod support, rather than restricting the experience with DRM.

'We continue to enthusiastically support our PC fans with things like the Creation Kit and the ability to create and add unlimited amounts of mods and content to your existing PC game.'

Our Skyrim review will be going up tomorrow, by the way. Until then, tide yourself over by telling us what you think about the game in the forum and watching Harry Partridge's 'Song of Skyrim' below.

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