The BBC has released the first trailer for its upcoming Grand Theft Auto docudrama, now entitled The Gamechangers and starring once and former boy wizard Daniel Radcliffe.

Announced as part of the BBC's new Make It Digital effort, The Gamechangers is set to offer a dramatised look at Rockstar's UK arm, formerly known as DMA Design, and its most famous creation: the violent, morally-ambiguous yet wickedly satirical Grand Theft Auto franchise. Directed by Owen Harris and based on a script written by James Wood, the programme is thought to be heavily based on David Kushner's unauthorised book Jacked: The Outlaw Story of Grand Theft Auto.

With the programme expected to focus on the Grand Theft Auto III era and the legal battles between Rockstar and anti-game lawyer Jack Thompson - who is to be played by Bill Paxton - there's little surprise to find that Rockstar owner Take-Two isn't happy. In May the company sued the BBC, claiming that it was concerned its trademarks would be misused. That doesn't seem to have stopped the programme from going ahead, though, with the first broadcast scheduled for the 15th of September at 9PM on BBC Two.

A copy of the trailer, starring Daniel Radcliffe as co-founder and company president Sam Houser, is reproduced below.

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