Arma 3 devs granted bail

Written by David Hing

January 17, 2013 | 08:05

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The two Bohemia Interactive developers arrested on suspicion of spying on Greek military bases are set to be released on bail.

Martin Pezlar and Ivan Buchta will return to the Czech Republic after their release and are expected to be freed for €5,000 each according to a site campaigning for their release, and confirmed by a Bohemia Interactive spokesperson.

The developers, who were working on Arma 3, were arrested last September for allegedly taking footage of Greek military bases on the island of Lemnos. Both developers denied the allegations and insisted they were merely on holiday, a claim that was supported by Bohemia Interactive.

Authorities dealing with their case have been delayed due to judges and legal professionals in the country holding strikes over economic cuts put in place. The pair have spent four months in a Greek jail without being formally charged. At one point it was reported they were sleeping on a cell floor shared by 25 other inmates.

According to reports and speculation in the Greek media, there are suggestions that the arrests of Buchta and Pezlar were likely to be prepared in advance with Greek security forces following the pair since their arrival in the country.

As well as being widely reported by the gaming press, the detention drew the attention of Czech Republic president Václav Klaus last November who told Greek president Karolos Paulias that he was following proceedings with "special attention", expressing hope that the incident would not sour the two countries' relationship with each other.
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