APB player stats revealed

Written by Joe Martin

August 25, 2010 | 10:42

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In part of its bid to find a buyer for MMO All Points Bulletin, Realtime Worlds has released a bunch of player statistics for APB.

The figures apparently show that APB has more than 130,000 registered users, each of which averages around four hours a day in the game.

Each of the 130,000 players pays an average of $28 USD per month in order to play, which, according to ShackNews, gives APB the "highest revenue per paying user" of any subscription-based game on the market at the moment.

Those funds didn't help keep Realtime Worlds afloat however, as the Dundee-based developer went into administration early last week, having apparently spent more than £100 million GBP on APB and the unreleased Project: MyWorld. Staff were dismissed without redundancy or their last month in wages last week.

Former staff are apparently outraged that the company has treated them poorly, alleging that Realtime Worlds' senior management has "fiddled their way to being able to buy back Project: MyWorld for cheap", rehiring only 23 developers to work on the game.

"Dave Jones and Ian Hetherington have pissed away millions, they are getting away with not paying over 200 employees for the work that they have done and have fiddled their way to being able to buy back Project: MyWorld for cheap," said Lucy Halliwell, the wife of a former RTW developer, in a comment to GI.biz.

"Moreover these very people have enough personal wealth to pay the money owed to the individuals and families whose lives they have left shattered, heck Dave could probably pay them all just by selling one of his beloved cars."

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