"All games journalists should make a game"

Written by Joe Martin

October 13, 2009 | 11:29

Tags: #adventure #journalism

Companies: #zombie-cow

Indie developer Zombie Cow's Dan Marshall has called out games journalists on their hypocrisy, suggesting that all games journalists should develop their own games to help give them further insight into the industry.

Marshall, who started off in the games industry by writing for PC Zone, now leads indie outfit Zombie Cow, makers of retro-styled adventure games like Ben There, Dan That.

"As a developer I think you're slightly more understanding of the process involved, but as a gamer you know whether or not you're having a good time," Marshall said.

"I think all games journos should be forced to make a game somehow, see how they get on. It gives you a more rounded perspective."

"I pitched the idea of some articles to PC Zone magazine, and wound up doing a 10-part series about what it’s like to learn to code" and suddenly have to design gameplay elements, making sound effects, and balancing weapons and stuff....As a gamer, I always assumed that sort of thing was relatively simple, so it was a fairly harsh lesson."

It's certainly a valid point and one we'd like to hear your thoughts on. For my part as a games journalist I have dabbled in games making over the years, as well as a bit of level design. Hypothetically, I'm still working on a little text adventure game, but realistically it's been overtaken by The Baldur's Gate Challenge.

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