Activision: IW offers a great chance for new talent

Written by Joe Martin

April 19, 2010 | 11:47

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Activision COO Thomas Tippl has tried to put a positive spin on the the Infinity Ward situation, which has seen high-profile members of the Modern Warfare design team abandon ship and launch lawsuits against the publisher, by saying that the studio is now ready for new talent.

While around 10 percent of the Modern Warfarre team has quit the studio, Tippl reckons that other developers will be quick to fill their spaces.

"If you put yourself in the developer's shoes, the ability to work on the biggest franchise in the industry and bring your creative product to an audience the size of the Call of Duty franchise is an opportunity many would crave," Tippl told the LA Times, (news via VG247).

Tippl reckons Infinity Ward is still in good shape too, with 100 people still working for the studio and the recent departures only requiring a "configuring [of] the new leadership team."

"[Infinity Ward has] built a deep bench, and the change of guard will provide an opportunity for some of the rising stars to put their own stamp on the Call of Duty franchise," Tippl said. "In addition, we will provide them with all the resources internally and recruit talent from the outside."

"We haven't yet announced the content of [the next Infinity Ward] game, but it's going to be an innovative take that will further broaden the audience for Call of Duty," he said.

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