Office workers are guilty of gaming

Written by Joe Martin

September 6, 2007 | 14:22

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You know, I love my job. Every day I like to sit back and think about just how lucky I am for being able to come to work and just play games for half the day. It’s pretty awesome.

But, according to a recent study commissioned by casual game developer PopCap, I don’t need to tell you that – you probably play games at work yourself.

The new study was conducted by Information Solutions Group and found that a full quarter of office workers play computer games of some sort at work. Even better though is that the amount of games people play at work seems to be directly linked to their seniority –Senior Executives measuring the highest with 35 percent of them admitting to gaming at work.

I kind of like this line of thinking – it implies that I may well be the most professional and senior member of the entire bit-tech team. It may well be time to start exercising my authority – we can start by getting rid of the Evil Pinata and replacing Bindi with ComputerKing as a full staff member.

Hm, maybe not. (Bindi - You better not, Mr. Martin!)

Of those who were surveyed over half admitted to gaming at least once a day, while 14 percent of senior executives confessed to gaming secretly in business meetings or conference calls. The overwhelming majority of participants in the survey said that they did it to feel less stressed.

So, do you game at work? What’d your favourite game to while away the minutes until home-time with? Personally, I’m a bit partial to SiN: Episodes or a run through of a level in Thief: The Dark Age, but drop us your lists in the forums.
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