Blizzard is eager that you don't get your hopes up about the recently announced Starcraft II, which won't see a release this year at all according to MSNBC.

In a chat with Vice President of game design, Rob Pardo, it was revealed that the game has only 40 of Blizzards 2000 developers working on it and that the vast majority of its designers provide dedicated support for World of Warcraft. In keeping with its design philosophy Blizzard won't release Starcraft II until it's done.

Let's just hope that it doesn't end up like other projects under the 'when it's done' design philosophy, which often never materialise on the market or which fail to live up to the massive hype surrounding them.

On the plus side, if the game does see a release - which Kotaku warns may be "years away" - then we can rest assured that it will be of the usual high standard players have come to demand of Blizzard. With four years of development on the 3D sequel already under its belt, how far away can a release really be?

It's been nine years since the last installment though and the original Starcraft is still going strong, so even Blizzard may have a tough time beating its own life-consuming RTS legacy.

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