No PS3 price drop for Europe

Written by Joe Martin

August 24, 2007 | 10:47

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The PlayStation 3 is, I've slowly been persuaded, a decent machine which is chock full of features, ideas and innovations. It performs well as a media device, has promise as a games console and has a few nifty things which let it stay connected with the PSP. It's good. I like it.

But it's still too expensive in Europe for my liking and there's no way of really getting around that, no matter how the system is bundled. The only option is a price cut - which isn't going to happen.

Speaking to, David Reeves, the SCEE President, has stated explicitly that there isn't going to be a European price cut.

"We're not making any pricing announcements at Games Convention at all. There's none. And we don't have any plans in that regard. We're really happy with the way that things are going for the PAL business. We really are. It's on track."

Well, at least we Europeans can rest assured that the American market isn't getting a price drop too - this time. Apparently though, the announcement is for our own good and Sony is deliberately trying to keep a narrow focus;

"It's important to get a window so that someone's played a game and they're ready for the next one, because they don't have huge wallets and they can't go out and buy five games at 59 Euros all the time. So we're trying to do pillar titles every month."

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