Nintendo: We aren't deliberately short on Wiis

Written by Joe Martin

November 29, 2007 | 09:22

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Nintendo is a bit of a cash cow at the moment, as you might have heard, and the little Japanese company-that-could has already been compared to Apple for it's phenomenal successes of late.

Still, it could be even more of a cash cow if they could get the Wii on shelves fast enough - but they just can't and the factories are currently only able to churn out 1.8 Million Wiis a month for the whole planet, it emerged recently. This naturally leaves a lot of people sceptical about the whole supply and demand thing.

Surely Nintendo would have known that they could make even more oodles of money if they made more Wiis to sell this Christmas?

No, don't be stupid - that's pretty much Reggie Fils-Amie's reaction and he should know; he's the president of Nintendo of America.

"There is no secret plan to store Wiis in a warehouse to spur demand. The company, after all, is trying to reach out to women and 40 and 50-year olds who aren't avid gamers." Said Reggie to

"They aren't going to sleep outside of a store overnight or visit a retailer five or six times. It is literally a missed opportunity."

Sounds reasonable enough to me - but can you really trust a man with a haircut like that? Let us know what you think in the forums.
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