Nintendo press conference roundup

Written by Wil Harris

May 10, 2006 | 02:23

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At the Nintendo press conference today, there were a few good nuggets of information, but not too much of major consequence, to our slight disappointment.

Perhaps the biggest news is the non-news - no announcement of a price for the Wii. We all know it's going to be cheaper than the Xbox 360 and PS3, and we've heard the rumours of $249 - but nothing confirmed.

What was confirmed, however, was the new Zelda - Twilight Princess for the Wii. The game will launch simultaneously on the Wii and the Gamecube, with the next-gen version sporting all kinds of wavey-controller features. Zelda will be released the same day as the Wii, creating a massive Nintendo love-in.

Speaking of the wavey-controller, Nintendo appears to have revealed the 'shell' that will convert the Wiimote into a more standard joypad. It wasn't at the press conference, but has turned up subsequently. Of course, you can also connect up the previously-announced nunchuck to the Wiimote, and it looks like many games will effectively be using the nunchuck as the left-handed movement and the Wiimote as the mouse-like point and shoot.

Nintendo demoed all sorts of games using the Wiimote, and we are expecting to get our hands on them on the show floor tomorrow - assuming we can get past the massive, massive crowds.

Also announced was a new feature of the Wii called WiiConnect24. Even when the console is off, if it is connected to the net, other people will be able to interact with it. For example, it would be possible for someone else to wander into your Animal Crossing world and leave you messages or presents. Nintendo President Saturo Iwata said that "What we are aiming for is a system that is new every day.

We also saw demos of what are sure to be hot titles for the system, the new Super Mario (subtitled, for now, Galaxy) and Wii Sports, a collection of games including tennis, golf and baseball using the unique controller.

We have to say that, despite the name, the Wii looks better and better the more we see of it. We'll bring you our impressions from the show floor tomorrow. In the meantime, discuss Nintendo's announcements over in the forum.
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