Nintendo: No new DS at E3

Written by Joe Martin

April 16, 2008 | 11:22

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Rumours have been circulating a lot over the past week that Nintendo, in an effort to dominate the hand-held market even more, would be unveiling a new, hi-res version of the Nintendo DS at E3 this year.

Well, sorry to rain on your parade, but Nintendo has now officially denied those rumours.

Issuing a statement to IGN about the claims, which had originated from the boss of Enterbrain, Hirokazu Hamamura, Nintendo confirmed that they have no plans to unveil a new model at E3. This is in line with previous statements the Japanese developer made that it would only think of releasing a new model once the current model stopped selling.

"We cannot comment on the specifics of what will be announced at E3, but at the very least there won't be anything like what Mr. Hamamura suggested, so would like to clearly deny this," said a Nintendo spokesperson. "We're having a hard time understanding what kind of evidence [Mr. Hamamura] had for saying this."

Note that the company hasn't rubbished the idea of a DS3 with hi-res graphics, a removed GBA slot and a larger screen though, all of which were presumed to be key features in the new model - Nintendo is just saying they aren't showing it off yet.

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