Nintendo 3DS rumours abound

Written by Joe Martin

March 24, 2010 | 11:53

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Yesterday's surprise announcement that Nintendo had a new DS handheld in the works proved to be a little light on the details. All Nintendo would confirm was that the 3D would work without glasses and that the console would be backwards compatible, with more details set to come at E3 2010. It's unsurprising then that rumours have been plentiful since then, with everyone eager to get the biggest scoop on the 3DS.

There's been a lot of wild speculation admittedly, but some of the more credible sounding rumours at the moment come from Nikkei and say that the 3DS will boast rumble functionality and some sort of '3D stick' control or analogue controller.

Nikkei also reckons that the screens will be smaller than those used on the DSi XL, which had two 4" screens, and will be about the same size as those on the regular DS models.

Other Japanese media sources are suggesting that the device will use Sharp's parallax screens to achieve goggle-less 3D, basically featuring filters over the screen that cause the right and left eye to see different images. While parallax screens can be used to generate 3D effects one of downsides is that you need to view them from quite specific angles in order to get the desired effect.

There are the usual reports of faster Wi-Fi and improved battery life too, with the 3DS hardware as a whole said to have been overhauled for better performance. Some sources even claim the 3DS will have to rival the GameCube in power, as each screen will have to render two sets of images.

Nintendo hasn't offered any further comment on any of these rumours.

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