New pictures of PS3, Xbox 360

Written by Wil Harris

October 31, 2005 | 08:08

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There are some cool new pictures of the next-gen consoles on the interweb this morning.

First up, Spong has some pictures of the Xbox 360 kiosks that are springing up across the States. The pics include some closeups of the demo unit, as well as a couple of videos of King Kong and Kameo running. There's also some good pictures of the Dashboard. We just watched the Kameo vid, and it's low-quality, but nonetheless cool.

Meanwhile, over in PS3 land, a new picture has arisen that purports to be the user interface for Sony's new console. It shows the Awesome Power of the Cell Processorâ„¢ being used to render about a million things at once as a backdrop, including HDTV, pictures, a game and a web page. On top of that there are a bunch of PSP-style icons, which appear to represent menus for settings, pictures, music and the like. That screenshot is here.

In related news, Spong also has a 2 page interview with outspoken game critic, Jack Thompson. In it, Thompson comes across as far more moderate than he has often been portrayed. His views are clearly not aligned with most reading this - he describes games as a useless form of "mental masturbation" - but at least parts of the interview come across pretty well.

"What is your goal, Jack? If the world listened to your concerns and took action, what would be the optimum outcome for you?

All I have tried to do is stop the distribution of mature and adult games to minors. That is how it works in Japan, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, other countries. It works there. Here, the 'M' labels mean absolutely nothing. They actually market the 'M' games to kids, and the kids can still buy them. The 'gamer community' likes to say I want to ban all games or that I am trying to keep mature games out of the hands of people over 17. That's absurd. Like I say, they make it up as they go along. When you can't refute someone, you just make something up about them, and then knock down that fiction."

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