New BioShock game announced

Written by Joe Martin

February 13, 2008 | 12:35

Tags: #bioshock #cell #phone

First, the good news; a new BioShock game has been confirmed by Take-Two and is definitely on the way.

The bad news? It's not for PC, consoles or handhelds. It's for mobile phones.

IG Fun has been contracted to develop a version of BioShock for mobile phones and, though details are pretty scarce, we've already developed a serious amount of ire and contempt for the title - which will inevitably be some sort of sidescrolling platformer or an adaptation of the hacking minigame.

We’re trying to do great things and BioShock on mobile promises to offer a whole new gaming experience and unmatched excitement amongst mobile gamers the world over," said Sean Malatesta, CEO of IG Fun in an attempt to win over the plentiful skeptics.

"BioShock is a special game in its genre; it brings an element of conflicting morals which has an impact on the storyline, and, among other things, on the difficulty of the game itself.

IG Fun has worked on other mobile adaptations in the past, including The Office and Rush Hour 3.

Is it possible that a 128x128 version of BioShock could be any good? Let us know what you think in the forums.
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