Neon Drive brings 80s-inspired rhythm action

Written by Jake Tucker

May 29, 2016 | 15:51

Companies: #steam

If you love the bright lights and pulsing soundtracks found in the neon-soaked crop of 80s-inspired games recently, Neon Drive, released last month but handily unearthed by Rock Paper Shotgun this morning, is probably your jam.

It looks like it owes a significant debt to Audiosurf, but this seems to have a whole lot more to it; a collection of different modes where you can use your car or plane to avoid obstacles in time to music. It looks tougher than a very tough thing too, with the developers offering to hand out Certificates of Superhuman Abilities to whoever manages to collect all the achievements.

Some of the different game modes look fun too; there's your normal Audiosurf-esque mode and then there's some bits where you're barrelling through flying traffic, escaping evil lasers and what appears to be Super Hexagon, but with 3D graphics and a plane.

The soundtrack is pretty neat, although you can listen to that free here on SoundCloud. If you want to try the game that comes with it, you can get that for £6.99 on Windows and Mac. There's a trailer too. Ch-ch-ch-check it out.

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