N-Gage re-launch delayed until December

Written by Joe Martin

November 5, 2007 | 11:51

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Nokia has announced that the re-launch of the N-Gage gaming platform has been delayed until December due to software testing taking a little longer than expected. Nokia are now in the process of finalising the software for the new service according to GI.biz.

Nokia announced the re-launch of the N-Gage a while back, with confusion being the general response. Last time the N-Gage didn't do too well, so it seemed a little odd that Nokia would want to try it's hand at competing with the Nintendo DS and Sony PSP, not to mention the Gamepark GP2X F200, all over again.

The N-Gage re-launch was meant to take place in November, showing the system as more of an online service and not a hardware platform. The new system will supposedly let gamers download a client to their PC and then transfer files to all compatible phones.

When the service launches there will be a selection of free demos and online tournaments available.

"N-gage is coming in December. Software testing is taking a bit more time than what we had expected," a Nokia spokesperson told Reuters recently.

Have you ever tried playing on an N-Gage and do you plan to try out the new system when it arrives? Let us know in the forums.
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