MS: Four more Halo games in development

Written by Joe Martin

September 17, 2008 | 10:55

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Even though Halo-developer Bungie has abandoned Microsoft, it seems that Microsoft won't abandon the Halo franchise just yet and, in addition to the rumoured Halo Chronicles and confirmed Halo Wars Microsoft is working on at least two other unnamed Halo titles.

In an interview with Microsoft Game Studios head Phil Spencer claimed that there are "more than two or three teams building Halo things right now."

So, even if we assume that there's only just more than three teams then there are still a few games unaccounted for. There's the new Halo Wars RTS being made by the soon-to-be-defunct Ensemble Studios and there's the team working on Peter Jackson's episodic series Halo Chronicles...but the other two?

The rumour at the moment is that at least one of those projects is being worked on at Bungie as, though the original Halo developer got out from underneath Microsoft a while ago, they remain committed to the franchise. Spencer also confirmed in the interview that at least one of the games would be developed at a non-MGS studio.

The last game meanwhile is currently expected to be Halo 4, though what shape it will take isn't exactly clear. While we do know that Microsoft is recruiting a team to work on a new next-gen Halo game, Spencer indicates that the plan is based around scalable ventures such as "new maps and software updates."

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