Monster Hunter Stories given Japanese release date, amiibo

Written by Jake Tucker

May 30, 2016 | 17:04

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Spinoff to the popular Monster Hunter series, Monster Hunter Stories, has had its Japanese release date, as well as accompanying amiibo and anime, announced, according to Gematsu.

The new game will be released on October 8 for 3DS in Japan, both physically and as a digital download. To sweeten the deal, three amiibos will be made available, two that feature a recurring monster from the series, the Rathalos, with a male or female hunter, and one that features a companion called called Nabiru. Players that have saves from Monster Hunter Generations will also receive some exclusive content.

On top of the game, there will also be an animated TV series called Monster Hunter Stories: Ride On, which, again, may or may not be localised for a release over this side of the globe.

Whether the game or the amiibos will release outside of Japan isn’t confirmed yet, but with the release of Monster Hunter Generations in just under a couple of months, perhaps we’ll receive news after then. With eight months between the Japanese release and release in other regions for Monster Hunter Generations, it’s not unlikely that we could see Monster Hunter Stories localised late in 2017, if at all.
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