Mojang launches Scrolls

Written by David Hing

December 11, 2014 | 12:04

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Minecraft developer Mojang’s second developed title, the digital collectible strategy card game Scrolls, is leaving its beta phase and being released today.

Scrolls is available for Windows PC, Mac and Android tablets. An iPad version is also currently in the works but is not expected until 2015. A demo is available from the game’s official site.

Mojang’s difficult second game started its beta testing 18 months ago, taking a similar approach to the early access pioneer Minecraft. The title was announced in 2011.

When Scrolls was first announced, the game sparked a seemingly absurd lawsuit from Bethesda, claiming that gamers might get confused between the tactical card game Scrolls and its first person RPG series The Elder Scrolls.

The lawsuit was eventually dropped in March 2012 with a settlement. Mojang agreed not to trademark Scrolls whilst Bethesda agreed not to contest the naming of the title as long as it would not be a direct competitor to its Edler Scrolls series.

Earlier this year, Mojang shocked the internet by announcing that it had been acquired by Microsoft for $2.5bn and that Minecraft creator Markus ‘Notch’ Persson was leaving the company. Mojang co-founders Carl Manneh and Jakob Porsér also left the studio.

Whilst Scrolls is Mojang’s second game that it has been working on, technically it will be the third title published by the company as it is also publishing Cobalt, which is currently in alpha and being developed by a third party.
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