TT Games opens new Brighton studio

January 31, 2018 | 09:58

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TT Games has announced it is opening a new UK studio, TT Games Brighton, which will focus on mobile games built around the popular Lego franchise.

Founded as Traveller's Tales in 1989 by designer Jon Burton then merged with Giant Interactive Entertainment in 2005, itself founded by former Lego Interactive management to complete work on the first Lego Star Wars title, TT Games is these days a subsidiary of Warner Bros. Entertainment with a singular core focus: The lucrative Lego franchise. While as Traveller's Tales the company may have made titles as diverse as hack-and-slash Leander and side-scrolling cutesy platform puzzler Puggsy, plus the well-received Disney title Mickey Mania, these days the company produces nothing but Lego titles - and now it's opening a new studio to branch out into the mobile realm.

Following the company's acquisition of mobile-centric developer Playdemic in 2016, TT Games has announced the opening of new studio TT Games Brighton which will work on Lego-themed mobile games under the TT Games banner. 'There is a huge opportunity for Lego games on mobile,' claims Tom Stone, TT Games' managing director, of the company's new venture. 'We're extraordinarily fortunate to have acquired Playdemic in 2016 as a specialist in this area, and they're working on a new Lego title in addition to their phenomenally successful Golf Clash. Now we can grow our capability even further under the leadership of Jason Avent, founder of Boss Alien and creator of CSR Racing. Jason is one of the world's most experienced and capable developers in this space, with a passionate affinity for LEGO and an incredibly exciting vision for the new team.'

'I love Lego, and I'm thrilled to be able to create new games encompassing all of the wonderful core values of Lego, designed and built from the ground up for mobile,' adds Avent of his new role. 'Our new titles will be accessible, exciting and of course packed with the trademark TT Games fun and humour. We have an amazing new team of people in Brighton with a wonderful and unique opportunity to bring Lego to life in a brand-new way.'

Current vacancies at TT Games can be found on the official website.

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