Miyamoto: "Wii Music is better than a game"

Written by Joe Martin

July 18, 2008 | 11:44

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One of the big announcements at E3 this week was Nintendo's Wii Music, a kind of music-making simulation being developed for the Wii by Nintendo.

However, in an interview at E3 2008, Miyamoto was fielding questions from the crowd and remarked that Wii Music is even better than a video game - it is a musical toy!

Miyamoto based his view on the fact that the game has no over-arching goal to it, no objectives to complete and no content to unlock or progress through. Instead, what it does have is a lot of music-making potential and a free reign to have a bash at making a melody.

"And that's why it's better than a video game," said Miyamoto.

"I really think that half of an elementary music school could be dedicated to this," continued the Nintendo boss-man, further hinting at plans to make Wii Music an educational tool and toy instead of a competitive experience comparable to Guitar Hero.

"I'm hoping that through Wii Music, we'll get more drummers, more musicians and more people interested in music."

Of course, there does seem to be one weakspot in the idea of this non-game in that the game will focus on public-domain music, with no plans at all for downloadable content according to reports.

Does Wii Music still sound good to you, or are you happy with Electroplankton for your music-making? Let us know in the forums.
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