Mirror's Edge 2 cancelled

Written by Joe Martin

February 14, 2011 | 17:51

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Electronic Arts has confirmed that it has canned Mirror's Edge 2, stopping development of the project after early prototypes were deemed to be disappointing.

Speaking to Press 2 Play, EA's Patrick Soderlund said that the series was close to his heart, but that he had to acknowledge the poor sales of the original.

'EA was shown a prototype, but declined with askance,' says Press 2 Play's report (in Swedish). 'The project has been stopped - involved parties at DICE are working on something else now.'

Developer DICE had a small team working on a sequel to 2008's Mirror's Edge since at least November 2010, according to Eurogamer.

In 2008 EA confirmed that it was planning sequels for both Dead Space and Mirror's Edge, both of which had met with 'disappointing sales'. Dead Space 2 saw a release only a few weeks ago.

Despite poor sales, Mirror's Edge is still a firm fan favourite, having earned Sixth Place in our Top 10 Games of 2009 and 9/10 when we reviewed it on release.

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