Microsoft says Sony underestimated Home

Written by Joe Martin

September 24, 2007 | 12:32

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So, Sony has again delayed the PlayStation 3 Home service and fanboys all across the world are rippling with anger and annoyance.

Cue Microsoft's Neil Thompson then, who's as eager as ever to give the knife a good twist while it's still in the wound and try and get as many Xbox 360 converts as possible.

Thompson, who is the Microsoft Entertainment and Devices boss for UK and Ireland, told that he was disappointed at the delay of Home and thinks it's because Sony underestimated the demands of making such a service.

"I think one of the disappointing/interesting things I heard from Sony at the Tokyo Game Show was that they just delayed the Home online service delivery again...That's more interesting, because I think they underestimated how challenging it is to deliver this sort of service, and to deliver the elements of the service that consumers really want."

"It would be good to see the reality versus what they had on the blueprints - what they wanted to deliver against what they can actually deliver, because I know they generated a lot of interest based on what they said last year." Thompson told in a recent interview.

Of course, Thompson works for the other team - which is either the light or dark side depending on your fanboy allegiances - so he would say that. He was never really going to come out and say that Home, the PS3 virtual world and MMO, was going to be better than anything on the 360.

The key though will be what the customers think - so indulge us with your opinions. Is Sony struggling to deliver on it's promises, or is Microsoft just being mean and spiteful? Answers in the forums.
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