Microsoft shows off Live Anywhere for Windows and mobiles

Written by Wil Harris

May 10, 2006 | 00:53

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In one of the most exciting announcements of the Microsoft E3 press conference, MS has demoed the integration of Xbox Live with the PC platform - and unveiled it as Live Anywhere.

Live Anywhere means a unified friends list, gamer card, gamers score and multiplayer across Xbox 360, PC and mobile devices too. Working on your PC? A mate playing 360 can send you an invite. Need to get a new game to while away your work commute? You can access the Live Marketplace via your PDA or Windows Mobile smartphone.

The service will allow gamers to compete across Xbox 360 and PC. It could also mean the beginning of the end for proprietory game servers, as Microsoft seeks to handle the gaming ecosystem as it currently does on the Xbox.

The Guide, well known to Xbox 360 users, will also become part of Windows Vista, which Microsoft sees as enabling the next generation of PC gaming through Direct X 10.

Obviously, as Vista approaches, we're sure to find out more about all this - but for now, run rampant with speculation over in the forums.
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