Microsoft to develop for DS

Written by Tim Smalley

July 7, 2005 | 20:25

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Rumours surfaced last week between a relationship that has been struck between Nintendo and Microsoft. Initially, it was believed that the Xbox 360 would allow gamers to download Microsoft-developed games on to Nintendo's DS.

According to a report on top gaming website, Gamespot, these rather radical rumours seem to contain an element of truth in them as new evidence confirmed that the software giant is involved in games development on the dual-screen handheld.

The evidence surfaced in the form of two job adverts on the Microsoft-owned software house Rare Ltd. Rare, based in the UK, are part of Microsoft's Game Studios suite of internal developers, which includes the very famous Bungie Software - the makers of the excellent Halo series.

Despite these positions turning up on Rare's website, nothing is official just yet, according to Gamespot reporters. When questioned, Microsoft declined to comment on the validility of these rumours.

These will not be the first titles that Rare have developed for Nintendo, as prior to the Microsoft buy out, they were a Nintendo-only operation making games for Nintendo 64 and GameCube. However, they have been involved in porting several existing legacy Rare titles to the Game Boy Advance since the buy out.

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