Microsoft reveals Xbox One reputation system

Written by David Hing

August 1, 2013 | 08:04

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Microsoft has outlined how its online peer reputation ranking system will function on the upcoming Xbox One.

In a post titled 'No More Cheats or Jerks' on the Xbox blog, program manager Michael Dunn explains how the system will help you filter out people that you don't want to play with online.

The method by which the Xbox One will classify players is based on actions that other players around them take as opposed to the current survey-based approach. If for example someone is blocked or muted, this will be fed into a 'crazy algorithm' to work out the player's reputation score.

Reputation scores will fall into green, yellow or red classifications, meaning 'good player', 'needs improvement' or 'avoid me' respectively. These marks will be clearly displayed on someone's gamer card.

To improve your own reputation score, you simply have to play online for longer without upsetting anyone. Microsoft expects that most players will have a good reputation and the algorithm is really geared to single out those who are repeatedly disruptive on the platform and will mostly ignore someone who gets the occasional bad report.

'No question that Xbox Live is a distinct community of passionate gamers. We love that. But just like in life, there are all types of people – some shy, some polite, some aggressive, some snarky, some annoying and some that can’t avoid swearing,' said Dunn. 'Most Xbox Live players are polite online and know how to socially adjust to people they’re playing with. But not everyone does this.'

Microsoft has plans to evolve the reputation ranking system as the platform matures and will devise more consequences for those players that stray into the red.

Announced earlier this year in May, the Xbox One is expected to be released in November. The imminent console has frequently made headlines since its announcement thanks to Microsoft's shifting policies regarding the devices more unusual features such as game activations.
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