Microsoft fires Xbox 360 whistleblower

Written by Joe Martin

September 15, 2008 | 11:29

Tags: #overheat #red-ring #rrod #xb01

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Microsoft has reportedly fired Robert Delaware, the games tester who spoke publicly about Xbox 360 failure rates to Dean Takahashi last week. Though Delaware was not the only tester to discuss the matter with Takahashi, he was the only one named and spoke without the permission of Microsoft.

Takahashi published Delaware's comments in a Venturebeat article that continued to discuss the RROD issue and overheating problems that the Xbox 360 falls victim to. Delaware's comments however were clearly in breach of the confidentiality agreement he was subject to as a VMC tester and his contract has now been terminated.

Delaware has now been told to expect to go to court over the issue too since he is in breach of his contract, but appears nonchalant about the whole thing.

I don’t regret it,” he told Dean on Thursday. “I’ll fight it. If they want to come after me, bring it on.

"This kind of witch hunt mentality is wrong-headed" said Dean. "People like Delaware are more useful hunting down bugs and fixing problems. I think the company really should apply their energy in different directions, like making sure that consumers are treated right. The firing disappoints me, and I wish Delaware well,"

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