Microsoft announces Mixer Loot service

April 29, 2019 | 11:56

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Microsoft is continuing with its effort to dethrone Amazon-owned Twitch as the king of game footage streaming, launching 'Mixer Loot' as a means for viewers to earn in-game goodies in exchange for their eyeballs.

Launched in response to the growing popularity of game streaming, where players broadcast their efforts live and typically with running commentary, Microsoft's Mixer has been struggling to stand out in a market dominated by Amazon's Twitch. Back in February last year the company added the ability for viewers to make game and downloadable content purchases directly from streams, offering streamers a percentage of the proceeds by way of encouraging their adoption of the platform.

Now, Microsoft is looking to shift its focus to rewarding viewers: Mixer Loot, announced by the company late last week, rewards viewers with in-game content in exchange for having them watch 'cool moments' - detected, interestingly, by artificial intelligence.

'Leveraging the same AI-powered technology behind HypeZone, Mixer Loot scans streams across the platform to determine when cool moments have occurred and rewards you for witnessing them,' explains Microsoft's Glenn Miller of the service. 'Once you’ve completed a Mixer Loot challenge, your Loot will appear in the "My Loot" page in the settings page. Loot can be redeemed on the gaming platform of your choice.'

The system works by monitoring streams in real-time and flagging what its algorithm detects as 'fun and interesting events', though can only operate if it is able to see 'important information from the game' - meaning that streamers who cover up important sections of the game's user interface with digitally originated graphics or a webcam view may find their streams excluded from participation.

The service launches tomorrow, Miller has confirmed, with the ability to earn the in-game Obsidian Six Item Pack reward in pirate-'em-up Sea of Thieves for watching 30 arena matches to completion. More information is available on the official announcement.

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