Manhunt 2 to return as a downloadable?

Written by Joe Martin

October 26, 2007 | 09:30

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Manhunt 2 was refused a rating in the UK by the BBFC for the "overly bleak tone and casual encouragement of unnecessary and casual sadism". This lack of rating effectively bans the game, as no retail store is allowed to sell an unrated product.

The game then got into serious trouble when Nintendo and Sony backed away from the game and appeals to the BBFC fell on deaf ears.

However, The Register Hardware has reported that there's a legal loophole which may allow the game to see a UK release after all, albeit as downloadable content. Apparently, the 1984 Video Recordings Act wasn't written with downloads in mind and thus the game can exploit a legal grey area.

This means that the game could, if Rockstar wanted, see a release on either the WiiWare shopping channel or via the PlayStation Store for the PlayStation 3. The PlayStation 2 version would be a problem, but there's always the chance to make up for it by having an Xbox 360 release via XBL.

If Rockstar made a PC port of the game then it could see a general release on the internet or via services such as Steam or Metaboli.

As it is though, it doesn't look like Rockstar is eager to explore that avenue and downloadable Manhunt 2 may not be on the cards after all. Is that a good or bad thing? Tell us what you think in the forums.
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