Lost: The Game trailer

Written by Joe Martin

July 27, 2007 | 12:27

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Lost; the chances are that if you haven't heard of it then you've been technically dead for the last few years and, if you haven't watched it, then you probably have very little idea about what makes the series such a hit.

Created by J.J Abrams and Damon Lindelof, the series chronicles the adventures of the survivors of a plane crash, flight Oceanic 815, on a small tropical island. What starts out as a simple survival drama however soon escalates when a group known as 'The Others' start kidnapping the survivors and deeper investigation to the islands history simply brings more questions to the surface. Ghosts, smoke elementals, an abandoned science initiative and a string of numbers which hold the key to understanding the universe; the world of Lost slowly gets more and more bizarre.

It's even more bizarre then that Ubisoft has decided to make a game based on the series, as the episode structure doesn't immediately lend itself to a game format. A substantial amount of each episode is spent in flashbacks which reveal more about the history of each character and how the fate of the survivors are entwined.

Understandably then, fans of the series have been dubious of how the game will develop and Ubisoft finally decided to give a glimpse at how the game is shaping up by showing a trailer at Comic Con '07.

The trailer is as vague and mysterious as you'd expect, but it's easy to make out that the game will see players taking over a new character who must try and explore new and old sections of the island. Locations featured in the trailer include the beach and the Swan Station, as well as substantial amounts of jungle. The Smoke Monster is also confirmed to be in the game, as are characters such as Locke and Sawyer who can be seen in the trailer.

It's hard to judge how the gameplay is going to shape up, but at a guess we'd say that it'll be a survival-action-adventure blend which sees players having to explore and solve puzzles whilst managing the needs of the character and coping with limited firepower. Seems the obvious way to go.

The series creators have been tight-lipped about the game and have not been heavily involved, but have approved the plot and monitored gameplay development. In a recent interview with the Official Lost Magazine, Damen Lindeloff only said that the game was; "From what I've seen? RIDICULOUSLY AWESOME!".

Check out the trailer below and leave your own comments in the forums.

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