Killzone 2 deliberately set expectations high

Written by Joe Martin

July 11, 2007 | 18:19

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You must remember the Killzone 2 trailer from 2005. No? Well, here, remind yourself.

Finished? Right.

Well, the trailer looked amazing (and still does! - Ed.), there's no doubt about that. Not just in the graphics and animation, but also in fluidity and sheer brilliance.

Developed by Guerilla Games, it was always insisted that the trailer was comprised of real, in-game footage, but nobody really believed that and controversy raged as more and more evidence amounted that it may be just a computer generated trailer.

A lot of people were angry at Sony and Guerilla Games about it, especially when the game promptly disappeared off the radar for two years.

Now though, the game has re-emerged with a fresh trailer which is again supposedly made of actual gameplay. More importantly, this new trailer actually looks like actual gameplay, if only because it looks worse than the 2005 trailer and a careful eye can pick up texture flaws and edges to the polygons.

What's more, in a recent statement to Eurogamer, Sony has said that it always intended to set the hopes high with Killzone 2, the sequel to what is largely considered to be a reasonably good, but not great game.

Sony also intends to exceed expectations formed from the 2005 trailer with the finished product:

"It's a very important game because the anticipation was set so high, which we were conscious of - it was not accidental," Harrison told Eurogamer following a presentation of the game in Santa Monica. "It was important to demonstrate clearly that we have a real-time playable game that exceeds the expectations that we set for it," continued Harrison.

When it does hit, Killzone 2 (which seems to have decreased in quality, albeit only slightly in the two year absence) will be a PlayStation 3 exclusive - something Sony damn well didn't pay for. Guerilla Games has told journalists that the PlayStation 3 is critical to Killzone 2 and that the Blu-ray drive is completely essential in order to render graphics of this quality.

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