Killer is Dead heading to PC

Written by David Hing

February 18, 2014 | 08:55

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Suda 51's Killer is Dead is coming to the PC in May according to publisher Deep Silver.

Killer is Dead: Nightmare Edition will feature additional content including a nightmare mode difficulty in which enemies can only be defeated using specific attacks, thus enforcing more tactical and skilled play.

The special edition also adds a theatre mode to re-watch cut scenes and dig deeper into the story with further background information available on characters and the Smooth Operator downloadable content pack that was originally launched on consoles.

The game will launch on May 9 and will be available through digital distribution channels and in physical retail form for £19.99.

Developed by auteur developer Suda 51's studio Grasshopper Manufacture, Killer is Dead puts players in control of spy Mondo Zappa and Suda has described the game as a 'Dark Side 007' game with the main character dealing with a seedy criminal underworld.

The title is not, as you would expect, a sequel to the Gamecube classic Killer7. Instead, Suda 51 describes it more as picking up 'where Killer7 and No More Heroes left off' and still maintains the common themes of assassins and swords.

Killer is Dead was first released last year for consoles and received a lukewarm critical response in the West, despite performing well in Japan. Critics highlighted the game's nonsensical plot, unpolished combat mechanics and screen tearing as reasons for marking it down.
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