Jaffe forms new studio

Written by David Hing

September 25, 2013 | 18:14

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God of War and Twisted Metal director David Jaffe has formed a new studio and is working on its first title.

Talking to Polygon, Jaffe claimed that The Bartlet Jones Supernatural Detective Agency already has backing from a major publisher, although he did not confirm which one.

The game itself is apparently in a genre that is "well represented in the marketplace" but Jaffe is confident that it has some fresh gameplay and IP concepts to keep it interesting.

Although Jaffe was reluctant to go into details on the title, he did liken its development to the way that God of War was developed and he hopes that it will be a franchise and brand with as much potential as the bloody Greek god brawler series.

Interest in the project has been shown by Sony, Ubisoft and Microsoft and although the publishing details have not been completely confirmed, Jaffe did not rule out the idea of turning to Kickstarter to raise additional funds for the project.

Jaffe has previously dipped his toe into the crowd funding waters with the failed MotorGun project which he joined alongside several Interstate '76 developers earlier this year.

In a bizarre twist, Jaffe also states that whilst he is not working on games, he is helping one of his new studio's backers, an elderly ghost hunter, track down supernatural entities. An amusing letter is posted on the company's site explaining the studio's story.

'We are also equipped for and experienced in resolving a variety of other supernatural quandaries and conundrums including, but not limited to: lycanthropic related capture and removal, astral projection investigations and demonic exorcism up to level 8 class demons,' reads the letter. 'When we can't make any money doing the sorts of supernatural things listed above, we make video games.'
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