Jack Thompson guilty on 27 misconduct charges

Written by Joe Martin

May 22, 2008 | 10:32

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The judge who presided over Jack Thompson's Florida Bar trial last year has made a recommendation that the Florida attorney should be found guilty of 27 of the 31 misconduct charges he is now facing, according to Gamepolitics.com.

Judge Dava Tunis has made 21 recommendations of guilt on misconduct charges in relation to the Strickland vs. Sony case in which the controversial Thompson represented the families of policemen who had been killed by Devin Moore, who had been a fan of Grand Theft Auto.

Tunis then added more recommendations of guilt, pointing to Thompson's 2006 attempt to have Rockstar's Bully declared a public nuisance in Miami.

A final two recommendations came from trials which are not linked to video games, but where Thompson is still suspected of misconduct.

The charges which Tunis thinks that Thompson is guilty of include making false statements of material fact, knowingly disobeying obligations under the rules of a tribunal, using means which have no other purpose other than to delay or embarrass, and engaging in conduct deemed to be dishonest or fraudulent.

Tunis will make a full report to the Florida Supreme Court on September 2nd and in the meantime disciplinary hearings before Judge Tunis are on-going. Thompson himself has made several complaints against Judge Tunis.

Could this be the end for Jack Thompson, or will he simply use any media spotlight on him to propel himself further into the public eye? Let us know what you think in the forums.
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