IGF 2007 announces entries

Written by Joe Martin

October 15, 2007 | 12:17

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The Independent Games Festival 2008 is now closed to new entries and the full list of participating games has been posted. Many of the games on the site are free to play and all of them are competing for a range of prizes, which makes the competition a major event for gamers on a budget and bedroom coders.

Being big time fans of indie games, we could help but take some time out from our busy schedules to have a look at some of the games.

There's a total of 173 entries in this year’s competition and among our favourites were LAN-focused FPS Bloodshed Tournament, farcical RPG Dangerous High School Girls in Trouble! and crazy drawing game Crayon Physics Deluxe – and those are just from the first page.

Not all of the games are free to download but the list is definitely still worth at least a passing glance from all.

The festival has taken off in recent years and many larger companies now keep a close eye on the list to try and spot new talent. In the 2006 festival a little game called Narbacular Drop was entered as part of the student showcase. The game so impressed the folks at Valve that Gabe Newell reportedly hired the whole team on the spot and put them to work on making a new game with a similar mechanic.

Have you entered anything in the competition or have you tried any of the games on offer? Either way, let us know by dropping your thoughts in the forums.
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