id: Rage being held back by Xbox 360

Written by Joe Martin

September 17, 2008 | 12:48

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id's Tim Willits has commented that the upcoming post-apocalyptic shooter Rage is being held back a little by the storage issues around the Xbox 360, which aren't such an issue on other platforms.

Rage, which will be the first game to use the new id Tech 5 engine, is set to launch on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC all at the same time, but the game has had to be slightly tweaked and redesigned as a result of being available on the Xbox 360.

"The PC is limitless in the amount of data you can put on it. The PS3 has about 25GB. But the Xbox 360 roughly has 6 to 8 GB of data. We're hoping we can squeeze the game down to two discs for the 360 version," said Willits in an interview with 1-Up.

As a result some sections of the game have apparently been redesigned (not cut, as had originally been reported) on all platforms.

Willits points to the example of the major wasteland areas in the game that had originally been planned as four or five medium to small sized areas that the player could progress through. Now, in order to ensure that the game is suited to shipping on two discs for the Xbox 360, those areas have been condensed into two much larger wastelands. Whether that's a good or bad thing remains to be seen.

Rage is currently set to be published by Electronic Arts, but no release date has been announced for the title just yet. You can check out the original announcement trailer however back from when the game was announced at QuakeCon last year. It looks stunning.

Is the Xbox 360 getting left painfully behind as the PlayStation 3 and PC push forward? Let us know your thoughts in the forums.

Update: Below is a brief comment from Tim Willits to help clarify the matter:

"During my talk at Austin GDC I mentioned that we originally wanted to have around five or six smaller wasteland environments but later decided instead to have two larger wastelands - mostly because we were going to be shipping on two DVDs for the 360 and felt that it would play better with one large wasteland on each disc so there would be no loading between wastelands. Not loading levels while you drive around is a much better decision regardless of platform. There was NO CONTENT removed from RAGE because of the 360--NONE AT ALL. Moving from multiple wastelands into fewer but larger wastelands was a far better decision and is actually giving us more gameplay in the game. We feel the 360 is a great platform and will provide a fantastic Rage experience."
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