NCSoft at i26, Brighton Comic Expo

Written by Wil Harris

November 8, 2005 | 15:31

Tags: #city-of-heroes #city-of-villains

Companies: #ncsoft

NCSoft - purveyors of top MMOs City of Heroes, City of Villains, Guild Wars and Auto Assault - will be rocking up to i26 this weekend.

NCSoft will be promoting their MMOs at the event, and will be offering prizes and free accounts to attendees. They will also have the developers of Guild Wars, ArenaNet, playing i26 attendees online. Anyone who can clobber the developers will get some free gear.

After that, the guys will be at the Brighton Comic Expo on the weekend of November 19/20. If you bring your City of Heroes or Villains account details along, then some talented artists will be doing portraits of your in-game avatar. The artists include Liam Sharp (Hulk, Spawn), Jock (Losers), Charles Adlard (Savage, X-Files) and Andrew Wildman (Transformers), according to the guys at Eurogamer.

bit-tech will also be at i26 this weekend, so come along and hook up with us for some beers (or Cokes, if you're under 18).

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