HalfLife 2: Episode 2 delayed

Written by Brett Thomas

November 10, 2006 | 19:15

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The list of games coming out this holiday season has been an unbelievable line-up. Neverwinter Nights 2, Final Fantasy XII, Gears of War, the entire Wii and PS3 collections...the list just goes on and on and on. So for those of you who just thought you couldn't take one more blockbuster title, you may...breathe easy. Valve has confirmed that HalfLife 2: Episode 2 (and all of its wonderful trimmings) will be delayed.

The very anticipated sequel was originally slated to come out in the first quarter of 2007, and many thought it would be not very much after Christmas. However, Valve's Doug Lombardi has now come out to say that it will be in Quarter 2, stating that the "target is now summer 2007."

The release of Ep. 2 has a lot more riding on it than just the next piece of episodic content. Several other titles are tied to the launch of it, including Team Fortress 2 and the anticipated Portal. It also brings up questions as to Valve's rollout of the multi-core patches to the Source engine, which were vaguely slated for "before Episode 2." And though it is rampant speculation, one could even assume that HL3 might be delayed a bit from its December, 2007 release.

Though Valve does have a proven track record of incredible delay (Lost Coast, anyone?), the company also has a penchant for making it worth the wait. Let's hope that track continues, and that HalfLife 2: Episode 2 is another worthy title.

In the meantime, though....bummer.

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