Hitman 5 teased in ARG

Written by Joe Martin

March 17, 2011 | 15:21

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IO Interactive is believed to be teasing an upcoming announcement for the fifth game in the Hitman series, using an on-going alternate reality game to sow suspicions.

Alternate reality games are based in the real world and involve seeding clues and puzzles across wide areas for distributed fans to solve together. Valve previously used an ARG to tease the unveiling of Portal 2, for example.

IO Interactive’s ARG has had members of the Hitman forum chasing clues that seem to point towards an upcoming Hitman 5 unveiling.

The forum user who started the post has been receiving images which include a picture of a script and a pair of black leather gloves on a table. The next clue supposedly points to the Belinale film festival.

IO Interactive has previously confirmed that it is working on a fifth Hitman game, but hasn’t offered any details beyond that and a speculative 2011 release date.

The last game in the series, Hitman: Blood Money, was released in 2006 and is still held up as a classic.

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