Halo character to appear in DoA4 on X360

Written by Wil Harris

October 4, 2005 | 15:02

Tags: #character #dead-or-alive #halo #master-chief #secret #xbox-360

A character from the Halo series will be appearing as a secret character in the new Dead or Alive game, according to reports today.

It's not going to be the Master Chief, we think. Who are the other contenders? Well, maybe a corporeal Cortana, or The Arbiter? How about Guilty Spark? Just exactly how the backstory for this is going to be explained, we don't know, but it should provide an interesting read.

This from GameInformer:

"A Tecmo source at X05 in Amsterdam today confirmed to Game Informer Online that the game that this secret character is from is none other than Halo. This is the first time Team Ninja has gone away from their own stable of characters for the Dead Or Alive series and is using a character from another title. While our Tecmo representative would not say exactly who this character would be, we found out it is not Master Chief. We unfortunately can’t 100% confirm which character will be in Dead Or Alive 4, but we can guarantee it will not be a warthog."

What Halo character would you want to see in the game? In fact, which gaming mashups would you like to see in a dream world? Let us know.
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