Halo 3 Q&A

Written by Ryan Garside

May 17, 2006 | 13:48

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If you're one of the people who was left excited by the intriguing teaser trailer for the upcoming epic Halo 3, then you will be pleased to know that Bungie has published a few answers to some of the questions posed by Halo fanboys (and girls).

You can take a look at the full articleover at Bungie.net where there are plenty of in depth questions going about the trailer. If you just want the juice, here is ourpick of them:

I'm guessing those ruins in the back are Old New Mombasa, so, whereabouts is the Chief and this Forerunner structure?

That is indeed the ruins of New Mombasa. The artifact and the Chief are where they appear to be, on the desert outskirts of New Mombasa, and many miles inland. The mountain behind him is Kilimanjaro.

What's the polygon count on the characters and environments in comparison to Halo 2?

Not as high as it looks. A lot of detail is achieved using a combination of lighting, textures, normals and bump-maps. We're saving our polygon budget for other things…

Is the plan to release the game at the same time as the movie? Or does the movie release have no effect on when the game is released?

The two will not affect each other in terms of release dates.

Should we expect to see blowing sand and other particle effects during gameplay, or only during cut scenes? For the "level" shown in the trailer, is the massive size of the surrounding area something that is tangible? Does it really seem like you are on a huge, wide open plain?

The sand, dust, smoke and other effects are all from the game engine. They will be used in the game. The landscape you saw is real geometry - the mountains and city in the distance are not a skybox - they are actual geometry that you can go to. Our cut scenes and our gameplay will be very comparable. Also, CJ Cowan, our director of cinematics, says that the texture "pop" seen in Halo 2's cinematics has already gone bye-bye for Halo 3.

Interesting stuff for what is already shaping up to be the biggest game of 2007 (Metal Gear Solid notwithstanding). If you haven’t seen the trailer yet then go check it out and then pop over to the forums to let us know what you think about all the Halo speculation.
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